Founded in 2013 by Switzerland’s leading multi-educational agency, the Education Switzerland Association (ESA) is a network of high-quality education providers with learning specific curricula and associates with complementary offers to international students and their friends and family.

Located in the major capitals, university and scenic cities, leisure, lake and mountain resorts in Switzerland, ESA accredited institutions provide effective education courses or cultural immersion for all ages, needs and interests.

ESA is an association, run by a professional Board and secretary by Computer & Ferien Camps AG (FERIENCAMPS.CH) in Zurich, Switzerland, with the advisory of a member committee. The benefits of membership and cooperation are accreditation, professional exchange and most important a proactive promotion in the key markets under the ‘education switzerland’ label.

The goal of ESA is not to represent a huge range of exchangeable offers and partners but a carefully selected programme.

ESA consist of non-competitive partners of the following categories:

a.          Summercamp

b.          Boarding School

c.          LanguageSchool

d.          Hospitality

e.          University

f.          Finance+Business

g.          Non-Educational/complimentary

There is no need to have members in each category nor is this list limited.